3 Ideas for Beautiful Bathroom Backsplash

Jan 29th

Bathroom backsplash is one of the ways to beautify the space. Apart from the right choice of furniture, accessory sets, and taking care of all furniture well to preserve quality, the backsplash is considered a detail not to be missed in order to show off exclusive bathroom look. At this moment, we’d like to showcase 3 ultimate ideas for beautiful creations. First off, let’s start with the classic one. This idea is probably the most timeless, but it’s also going to be easy for the homeowner to do the mix-and-match bathroom elements. The first backsplash idea is to go with medium-sized ceramics. While the texture and color may be according to the current theme of your bathroom, medium-sized ceramics develop a unique presentation. It offers casual look, yet the excitement will still go on especially when they are blended with attractive sink and faucet.

Rustic Idea of Bathroom Backsplash

Apart from being classic, the concept of going rustic (relatively more about natural scheme) is interesting, too. How to pull out rustic bathroom is to apply rustic backsplash. The idea is called Single-slab Backsplash, where you get to involve a single slab stone for the surface of the faucet box. Not only creating rustic feel, but also is budget-friendly. Rather than tiles, rustic backsplash utilizes single slab in neutral tone. Wrapping up, floral wallpaper and gold faucet can be installed.

Backsplash for Trendy Bathroom

This year’s trendiest idea of backsplash for bathroom is mosaic. And this idea is also viable to earn you an ultimate modern bathroom. For strong futuristic ambience, choose mosaic of black, white and silver tiles in small size complementing the wall-covering mirror. On the other hand, try something bold buy applying stylized tiles of brown, orange, yellow, and green triangular tiles complementing the simple sink with in-line color. So, which idea attracts you the most?

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