Getting the Cheap Mirrored Bedside Table for Your Bedroom

Jan 28th

Mirrored bedside table might be something that is beyond some people’s mind. That is because this kind of table has both the nice aesthetical look and also the best functional use. Therefore, you can also say that this kind of table is the best for your bedside table. However, the price of this kind of table is not as cheap as many other bedside tables that you can find at the store. That is because this kind of table has the mirror addition almost in every sides of it. Therefore, the price might be a little bit more expensive compared with some other bedside tables. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can try to get the cheaper price for this kind of table.

Less Mirrors for Mirrored Bedside Table

First tip that you can try is to pick the bedside table with less mirrors. For example, one bedside table has the mirrors covering up every parts of it and another one only ha some parts covered up with the mirrors. That will surely give the price different. Therefore, you might want to also consider choosing the best parts where the mirror should be placed. That is because the mirrors on the lowest part of the bedside table might means nothing to you yet that still cost you some extra money.

Buy the Bedside Table and Mirrors Separately

Another cheap idea that you can try is to buy the mirrors and the table separately. However, you will need to have the skills on taping the mirrors to the table. As an addition to that, you will need to pick the simple looking design for the table so that the table will not trouble you when you have to tape the mirrors on the bedside table. If you decided to pick this method, you can buy the half-finished bedside table since you will not need any coloring for the table.

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