Tips Designing and Maintain Bathroom Shower Stalls

Jan 19th

Bathroom shower stalls will make your bathroom look more attractive and interesting. They will enhance the bathroom look with their stylish and modern design. Shower stall can be customized according to your design, so you can get your own stalls based on your ideas.

Designing bathroom shower stalls

When you decide to put stalls in your bathroom, you can design it by yourself. There some steps you have to do when designing your own shower stalls. First thing you have to do is evaluate about your space. You have to evaluate the length and width of the space where you want to put the stalls I order to fit with stall size and style you plan. Then you have to decide about the features for the stalls. After that, decide the materials you want to use for the wall such glass block, tile, stone, fiberglass or other. the last is deciding the fixtures and the door application.

Cleaning shower stalls

You have to keep your shower enclosure clean, so you will enjoy your bathing in clean place. Here some tips about cleaning your stalls. You have to keep it from mildew by wiping it with towel every after take a bath. If there is mildew, clean it with mildew inhibitor. After taking a bath, you must open the door to allow the air circulate inside to reduce the growth of mildew. To clean soap scum from the door, you can use mixture of a cup liquid fabric softener with a quart of warm water. Or you can use mixture of mineral oil and water in 1:4 part and spray it to the soap scum then wipe with sponge. To prevent soap scum build up, you have to coat the wall with furniture polish. Do not ever use harsh abrasive powder.

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